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What's the point of wearing gloves in winter?

July 13, 2022

What's the point of wearing gloves in winter?


Wearing gloves in winter serves two main purposes: to keep hands warm and to prevent cuts and scrapes. Gloves are usually made of materials such as wool, cotton or leather to help protect your hands from the cold. Additionally, gloves can provide a layer of protection for sharp objects or surfaces that might otherwise cause cuts and scrapes.



In severe winter, wear gloves when going out to keep warm and protect the skin of your hands. Gloves are a must-have for men, women and children. Gloves should be fixed for their own use, and do not wear other people's gloves casually, so as not to infect skin diseases.


When shopping for gloves, look for the right size. If it is too large, it will not achieve the effect of keeping warm and make the movement of the fingers inconvenient. If it is too small, the blood circulation of the hand will be blocked, but it will cause discomfort. The size of the gloves should be comfortable to wear and easy to take off.


Patients with hyperhidrosis should choose cotton fabrics, which are warm, have good water absorption, and can be washed frequently.


For people suffering from chapped hands and feet, the chapped in winter, because the hands need to be changed every day, it is best to wear double-layer gloves, and the inner gloves should be made of thin cotton fabrics, which are easy to wash frequently and keep clean.


A small number of people with a history of allergies to certain chemical fibers should avoid using gloves made of this material.


Children's hands are small and the skin is thin and tender, so soft cotton wool, wool or elastic nylon fabrics are the best materials for the gloves.


Gloves for cycling in winter should not be made of artificial leather, nylon or materials that are too thick, because artificial leather is easy to harden in winter, nylon is too slippery, and the friction force is small. Not good for safe cycling.


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