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What are the functions of knitted hats

January 14, 2022

About ladies’ knitted hats:


What are the functions of knitted hats


1. It is beneficial to keep warm


To keep out the cold, people put on thick winter clothes and warm shoes, but many people don't have the habit of wearing knitted hats. As everyone knows, the human head also needs to be kept warm.

knitted hats

What's more, most elderly people have thinner hair (easy to dissipate heat) and need knitted hats to keep warm. The material of knitted hats can be wool, woolen, or the hood of a down jacket. Anyway, the texture should be thicker, and the thermal effect will be better.


2. Protection function


The knitted hats are on the head, in case of slight rubbing, the knitted hats can "buffer" a bit. The elderly are relatively slow to respond, and their physical condition is more fragile than that of young people, so it is necessary to give appropriate protection.


3. It is beneficial to health


After all, the blood vessels of the elderly are not as smooth as those of young people, and even a little hardened. If they catch cold, it will inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, which may lead to dizziness and headache at light level, and accidents in severe cases. Therefore, the elderly cannot underestimate the health care function of knitted hats. In addition, like wool caps, hoods, etc., can also cover and protect the ears.


4. Beautiful function


If you buy a beautiful and fashionable knitted hats, you can "wrap" the gray hair; if the style and color of knitted hats match the clothing, it can show the harmonious beauty of wearing. There is a dialect that says "gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks on the head". And the gray head of the elderly can be beautified by knitted hats! Young people can also use knitted hats to match fashion, showing a charming and unique style!


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