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What are the Classifications of Watches

September 13, 2022

What are the Classifications of Watches


Mechanical watch


Timing instruments with mechanical vibration systems, such as pendulum clocks, balance wheel clocks, etc. Its working principle is to use a constant period, continuous vibration of the vibration system. Multiply the vibration period when vibrating by the number of vibrations, which is equal to the elapsed time, time = watch vibration period × number of vibrations. It is generally composed of energy, gear train, escapement, vibration system, pointer mechanism and additional mechanisms. Power - the mainspring or the heavy hammer, which provides the energy for the working of the mechanical clock. Through the speeding up of the gear train, one winding can run continuously for many days. 


Digital watch


The basic part consists of electronic components. The working principle of electronic clocks is designed according to the physical phenomenon of "electricity generates magnetism and magnetism generates electricity". That is, the electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy, and then the magnetic energy is converted into mechanical energy, which drives the hour and minute hands to run to achieve the purpose of timing.


Transistor balance table


It is to use dry batteries as energy, transistors as switches, and balance springs as oscillation systems.


Quartz watches


The "quartz crystal" is used as the oscillator, and the motor is controlled by electronic frequency division to drive the pointer, and the travel time is very accurate. Electronic line watch. It is a watch that combines an electronic movement and a quartz movement, and has both an electronic display and a hand walking indication.


Light wave table


Through the built-in radio wave receiver and antenna of the watch, the solar-powered radio-controlled watch receives the "standard time" radio waves sent by the transmitting tower, obtains data such as time and calendar, and automatically corrects the time and date of the watch. The standard time signal adopts the theory of a high-precision cesium atomic watch, with an error of one second in 100,000 years. Citizen's radio-controlled watches all use light-powered technology, using any visible light source as an energy drive. As long as there is light, there is energy, and as long as radio waves are received, there will never be errors.


Electronic paper watch


An electronic paper watch is a watch with an electronic paper display inside, which can display the time, day, and date. The technical approaches to realize electronic paper mainly include cholesteric liquid crystal display technology, electrophoretic display technology (EPD) and electrowetting display technology. The electronic watch paper applied to the electronic paper watch mainly adopts the electrophoretic display technology. The display brightness and contrast of electronic paper watches are high, and there is no need to use backlight to improve readability. The electronic paper display used in the electronic paper watch has a simple hardware structure and the thickness can reach about 1mm. It is a new force in the watch army.


Diving watch


The so-called diving watch, as the name suggests, refers to a watch that has been waterproof and is used for diving. General waterproof watches cannot be used for diving, diving watches must meet strict regulations, not waterproof enough to be called diving watches. The standard waterproof performance of diving watches is at least 100 meters deep; there is an outer ring on the bezel that can be rotated in one direction to measure diving time; divers are often in dark water, so the hands, scales or surfaces of diving watches are usually required It is coated with fluorescent material to make it easier for users to read the time. Common diving watch brands are: Rolex, Finnish Suunto element series water spirit diving watch, Omega Seamaster Ploprof series diving watch, TAG Heuer diving series, IWC marine timepiece series, Blansacar super submarine series and so on.





Choice of watch brands


Whether it is a novice or a watch fan, there will also be hesitation in the choice of brand. There are too many good brands in this world, and there are too many temptations. If you want to make up your mind to buy a watch, you must determine the brand you need before buying a watch.


1. Brand awareness: As a novice, the most basic reference is probably based on the brands that you are familiar with or understand. Usually, the famous watch refers to the well-known watch, and the quality of the famous watch is generally not inferior.


2. The grade of the brand: No matter where, someone will judge the value by the grade of the brand.


3. The series of the brand: After choosing the brand, the novice will occasionally be confused about the wide variety of different series. This choice is not difficult, each brand will set some series of different grades for consumers with different needs to choose.


Choice of watch styles


Regarding the choice of watch style, everyone will have different ideas, which are very subjective. The author here only provides some references and suggestions, and cannot really replace the final choice of consumers.


1. The style of the watch: Each brand has its own style, such as: PANERAI's stylish dial, special lugs and a diameter of 44 mm; such as Breitling's complex dial and bezel , and the characteristics of the flight movement; such as the slim movement of Jaeger LeCoultre, the flip case and so on.


2. The function of the watch: For watch users, the watch is to see the time, and the function of the watch can be completely ignored. However, with the in-depth understanding of watches, most watch fans will choose watches with different functions.


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