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How to choose the right knitted hat according to your face shape

July 11, 2022

How to choose the right hat according to your face shape?


round face



Suitable for: Panama hat, fedora, beret, cowboy hat, knitted hat



Not suitable for: bell caps, baseball caps



The aspect ratio of the round face star face is close to 1:1, and the lines are round. The solution is to lengthen the lines of the face and increase the edges and corners of the face. It is advisable to expose 2/3 of the forehead when wearing a hat. The high-crowned hat with a raised middle is the most suitable for lengthening the facial line, and by the way, it can also lengthen the height. The Panama hat is the first choice.



The brim soft beret also has a similar function of lengthening the face when worn diagonally. The beret is a standard military hat with a long history. It is handsome and elegant to wear. In order to break up the rounded lines of the entire head and increase the angularity of the face, you can also choose hats designed in a square, pointed or polygonal shape, such as this somewhat square navy hat.



heart shaped face



Suitable for: baseball cap, peaked cap, knitted hat, panama hat, fisherman hat



Not suitable for: hats with too wide brim



A heart-shaped face, also known as an inverted triangle face, has a broad forehead and a pointed chin. This face shape basically does not choose hats, and all kinds of hats are suitable for wearing. When wearing a hat on a heart-shaped face, it can just cover the broad forehead and reveal a beautiful chin line.



square face



Suitable for: fedora hats, knitted hats, bowler hats, bell hats



Not suitable for: navy hats, straw hats, peaked caps, cowboy hats



People with a square face have wider cheeks and a square jaw with edges and corners. Choose a hat with a dome and a round brim to soften the face shape, which can weaken the angularity of the square face contour. It is suitable for wearing a hat with a soft material. A typical fedora is suitable for most people, but it is especially suitable for people with square faces. Dome and round-brimmed hats are also very suitable for angular long or square faces, and the rounded crown brim will soften the lines of your face.




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